Gibraltar Penguins

We are thrilled to be published by Penguin in the United States, because this is such an iconic brand, the most famous in bookselling. The American editions of Nelson’s Trafalgar, The War for All the Oceans and Jane Austen’s England were all published in hardback by Viking and then in paperback by Penguin. For the jacket of Jane Austen’s England, an embroidered design was used – including an embroidered Penguin motif for the paperback! That was a beautiful touch.

Our latest Penguin paperback is Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History, which was published in north America in March (ISBN 9780735221642).

The Penguin paperback of Gibraltar (published in north America),

complete with the Penguin motif bottom left

In the UK, Australia and New Zealand, the paperback of Gibraltar was published a week earlier by Abacus (ISBN 9780349142395), an imprint that also has an illustrious history, having been launched over 40 years ago.

The Abacus paperback of Gibraltar

The paperbacks were published to coincide with the 240th anniversary of the start of the Great Siege and the attempted invasion of England, which all formed part of the American Revolution.