Trafalgar Audiobook

Excellent news for all you audiobook listeners (or would-be listeners) – Trafalgar: The Biography of a Battle was released for the first time as an audiobook on 22nd October, to coincide with the 215th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar (and death of Nelson) that took place on 21st October 1805.

For those of you who are wondering why it wasn’t released on the 21st – Thursdays are the day when publishers traditionally release books in the UK, because once upon a time they received lots of publicity in the weekend newspapers and have their books soaring in the charts. Readers don’t care – any day is a perfect book day, as long as the new books are ready and waiting in the shops.

But back to the audiobook – we are delighted that the narrator for Trafalgar is John Telfer, who did such a brilliant recording for Gibraltar: The Greatest Siege in British History. He is an acclaimed actor, and will be known especially to fans of The Archers in his role as Alan Franks, vicar of St Stephen’s church.

The audiobook is of the full-length book, not abridged, and is available as an Audible audiobook via all the normal channels. You can see it here.

It will also be released in the United States by Tantor, though we’re not sure if they will change the title to Nelson’s Trafalgar, which is the book’s title there.

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